Code of Conduct, Protocols & Policies


When we join, train with and represent United it is important that we do so in accordance with our United code of conduct as well as in accordance with the policies and protocols of United and the organisations that we are affiliated with. This is applicable for all swimmers, parents and guardians, managers, officials and coaches.

Affiliated Organisations
Code of Conduct and Protocols

Swimming NZ and Auckland Swimming

Swimming NZ (SNZ) and Auckland Swimming (ASA) have a number of policies and protocols, including a Member Protection Policy and a Code of Conduct, all applicable to all parties involved in swimming in NZ.

Swimming NZ (SNZ) has developed a Member Protection Policy to reinforce its commitment to providing an environment for participants of all ages and backgrounds that is safe, free from harassment and abuse, and promotes respectful and positive behaviour and values.  This is a comprehensive document so please read it and be familiar with it.

As part of this policy, there is a SNZ Code of Conduct.   The objective of this Code of Conduct is to ensure that members, parents and guardians comply with certain standards of behaviour when participating in swimming related activities.  It applies to all SNZ Members and persons participating/connected to SNZ activities.

In addition to the general rules of conduct, the Swimming NZ Code of Conduct has further requirements specifically for Team Managers, Coaches, Swimmers, Parents and Guardians, Technical Officials and Administrators.  The following link is an excerpt from the SNZ Code of Conduct:

United supports these policies and protocols and encourages and requires all members and their families to read, be familiar with, and adopt them.

Code of Conduct and Protocols

Swimmers, Coaches and Parents

In addition to the SNZ and ASA Code of Conduct and protocols, United has a number of its own policies and protocols that members and families are required to comply with. They are based on common sense and normal courtesies and are designed so that all members, families and coaches can participate in a safe, positive and enjoyable environment.

All United members, families and coaches are expected to understand and support our mission and adhere to our overall philosophy and club values.
Our overall philosophy is:

– United has is a team philosophy where individual swimmers support each other
– Be courteous and respect the rights, dignity and worth of others
– Swimmers are part of a safe, positive and enjoyable environment
– Swimmers are allowed to learn
– A swimmer’s behaviour and conduct at practices and in competition should support any other swimmer’s ability to learn and the coach’s ability to teach other swimmers
– Swimmers should show commitment and strive for their own goals and for the good of the team

Swimmer and Coach Protocols
Parent Protocols

Parents, guardians and/or caregivers have a very important role in supporting their swimmers, their club and the related associations. Without these contributions, it simply would not be possible to have competitive swimming functioning in New Zealand.

We have protocols to ensure all our parents contribute to the successful operation of competitive swimming and support the club and their swimmer in a positive and constructive manner.

Additional Uniform & Other Protocols

Uniform Protocols

When we represent United it is important that we do so in accordance with our standards and values. This includes both how we conduct ourselves and how we wear the United uniform when we are traveling as a team and when we are representing our club at swim meets.

These protocols are currently being reviewed by the United Committee