Basis of Fees

United is a non-profit incorporated society. The club’s objective is to keep fees as reasonable as possible and thereby maximise the affordability and accessibility to the club, while at the same time ensuring that the club can meets its obligations in a responsible manner and on a sustainable basis. The club seeks to supplement its fee revenue with funds from grants from community trusts and from self-fund raising activities.

Current Fees
Schedule of Training Fees, inclusive of GST
SquadSessions Per WeekTerm Cost
Silver 6$730
Junior Development and Training (JDT)5$620
Senior Development and Training (SDT)6$640

At the beginning of the term, swimmers will elect the number of sessions they will attend per week.

The fees payable by competitive swimmers in any squads are as follows:
  • Club Membership: This is an annual fee payable at the beginning of Term 2 (April 14th). This fee is $210pa. For members that join after 6 months of the season (October 14th) the fee is reduced to $120. See below for members who are predominantly training overseas.
  • Swimming NZ (SNZ) Registration: This is an annual fee that is payable to SNZ in July to allow swimmers to enter competitions. It is paid through the SNZ MyPage when swimmer registration is completed. For the 2021/22 season this fee is $111.50 pa plus any credit card fee charged by SNZ.
  • Training Fees: The training fees are based on a 4 term year with the term commencement dates being 14 January, 14 April, 14 July and 14 October. The year is based on approximately 43 weeks training for Juniors and Bronze squads and 47 weeks for the other competitive squads, with the main difference being over the Xmas and New Year period. Each term may have a different number of training days and weeks depending on when training breaks and public holidays are scheduled (there may not be training on public holidays). Holiday programmes and camps will incur additional costs.
  • Administration Fee: This is a fee payable by all United’s competitive swimmers to contribute towards the cost of club administration. It is currently $25 per term (4 terms per year).
  • Dryland Fee: Where dryland is included in a training programme, the fee for standard dry land is included within the Training Fee and contributes towards the cost of equipment such as stretch cords and venue hireage where applicable. Individual gym membership fees and any other dryland undertaken by swimmers on a personal basis is at their own cost.
  • Swimming Sessions: The Juniors, Bronze, Junior Development & Training and Senior Development & Training squads include a choice about the number of sessions per week. The choice of the specific training days per week is subject to availability of your preferred days and the requested selection needs to be made at the start of each term and retained for the full term.
  • Payment Terms: All fees for the term are due to be paid before the commencement of each term. The club’s preference is for fees to be paid in full at the beginning of each term but fee payments can be structured on a monthly basis (but with an obligation for the full term) by agreement with the club’s Treasurer and the swimmer is responsible for ensuring the payments are made on the due monthly dates.
  • Full term: Training Fees are for a full term and the Club does not offer options for a part of the term – other than for members who are predominantly training overseas and return to NZ during their holidays (see below).
  • Make-ups/Refunds: United’s policy is that it does not offer make-up sessions or provide refunds for unattended sessions or when sessions are cancelled eg due to a public holiday or a squad break. This policy also applies where a swimmer is unable to attend for an extended period during the term as the club typically can not replace the forgone revenue on short notice and is similarly unable to reduce its costs on a pro-rata basis. In exceptional and unusual circumstances the Committee will consider limited exceptions.
  • Training Overseas: Members who are predominantly training overseas, eg., on a US university swim team, may continue to be a United member. These members will pay 50% of the Club Membership fee while they are predominantly based overseas, but this will increase to 100% if they spend the majority of the year training with United. Subject to availability of suitable lane space, these members may train with the United squads when they are back in New Zealand and the training fee will be a pro-rata amount on a weekly basis of the Seniors squad training fee.
For swimmers who are non-competitive:

Non competitive swimmers (training for fitness or multi-sport in JDT and SDT squads) are not required to be members of United Swimming Club and hence are not required to pay the Club Membership fee, Swimming NZ (SNZ) registration fee or the quarterly admin fee. If the swimmer decides to enter SNZ competitive meets then the SNZ registration and Club Membership fee would be applicable. There is no training on public holidays and there are no “make-ups” or refunds.