Squad Descriptors & Criteria

These descriptors are provided as a guide to coaches when considering entry level to the Club for new swimmers and when considering squad progression for current members. They are a guide only and exceptions may apply according to coach reviews. In considering squad entry levels and squad progression, coaches will also consider squad capacity and swimmers will only be able to enter a squad if lane space is available without compromise to other swimmers already established within the squad.

The minimum standard required to be a squad member is only the minimum. Reaching these standards does not guarantee acceptance to squads. The achievement of squad standards will be assessed by the coaching staff. Racing times will be used in assessment where appropriate, but are considered alongside all other factors. This will include an assessment of skills and potential ability and readiness to complete typical training sets undertaken by the squad. For ALL squads appropriate standards of discipline, attitude, behaviour and attendance (including training and targeted swim meets) are required. These will be also assessed by coaches. If these standards are not met, coaches (in discussion with the Club Committee) have the discretion to move a swimmer to an alternative squad or consider termination of membership (as per the Club Constitution ‘cessation of membership’).


Junior and Senior Development and Training squads (JDT, SDT) provide a pathway for (a) those who wish to swim competitively but are not able to commit to minimum weekly session requirements or not currently meeting the entry standards of other junior and high-performance squads; and (b) for general fitness; or fitness for other sports such as waterpolo and triathlon.