Covid-19 Protocols

Swim Training Protocol/ Covid 19 Health and Safety Plan

Effective from 3 December 2021

This document will be sent to all United Families and will be communicated to all United Swimmers and Coaches.

Preparation and arrival:
  • Groups (including the crossover of groups) will be of varied size but always well under 100  swimmers (plus coach).
  • Swimmers (and bags) will be kept 1m apart at all times.  No sharing of equipment.
  • Swimmers must (and will be instructed to in prior emails) arrive at the facility:
  • Already changed in their togs and with suitable clothing to leave the pool without getting changed at the end of the session
  • Wearing a mask
  • Double vaccinated
  • Sanitise hands
  • Practice physical distancing of one metre
  • Do not gather around doorways before training
  • Do not arrive early.  Arrive exactly on time – enter the facility, put your bag down and come straight to the starting blocks to commence training.
  • Swimmers coaches and parent helpers should scan the COVID Tracer QR code on display at the entrance. Attendance and group records will also be maintained by the coaches.
  • No-one other than swimmers and coaches and parent helpers may enter the pool facility (i.e. no parent spectators).
  • The changing rooms are closed.   Only the toilets are open for use.
During Training:
  • Swimmers will stop at the end of each training set at pre-determined 1m (social distancing) intervals down each lane.
After training finishes/ Exiting the facility:
  • On completion of training swimmers will be asked to exit the pool lane by lane and return to their allocated areas, maintaining 1m social distancing,  to dry off and put warm clothing over their togs ready for a prompt departure (No use of the changing facility except to use the bathroom).
  • Swimmers must not gather around doorways or on-site after the session finishes.
Specific Instructions to all Swimmers, Coaches and Parents:
  • If you are sick, stay at home and do not attend training.  Seek medical advice about testing for COVID-19
    • If you have been to any locations of interest at the times specified or been identified as a close contact – follow ministry of health guidance.
    • Go home immediately if they become unwell on-site. The United Coach is to immediately advise the Aquatic Centre Manager.
    • Everyone must scan in using the QR Code display.  In addition, Coaches must maintain and retain for at least 1 month swimmer attendance records for each session.
    • Parents are asked not to enter the EGGS aquatic centre at any time.  Drop offs and pick-ups must be at the door.
    • Coaches are initially responsible for ensuring the number of people permitted on-site are maintained.  If parent spectators are inside the facility, coaches must ask them to leave the premises immediately.
Vaccine Certificates
  • No United swimmers aged over 12 years and 3 months may swim or enter the facility unless they are fully vaccinated or hold a legal Covid-19 exemption letter; and have registered this with United Swimming Club
  • No United Coaches or Parents may swim or enter the facility unless they are fully vaccinated or hold a legal Covid-19 exemption letter and have registered this with United Swimming Club
  • United will maintain a full vaccine register of swimmers, parents and coaches aged over 12 years and 3 months (in addition we will maintain a register of younger swimmers vaccination records as advised)
  • All eligible swimmers over 5 years are encouraged to be vaccinated

Mask wearing is mandatory (except when swimming)