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Swimming NZ Competition Booklet and Criteria

The latest Swimming NZ Competition dates are at this link 

Swimming NZ's High Performance 4 year calendar (2017-20) is at this link

Swimming NZ's selection criteria for NZ teams is at this link

ASA Annual Competition Plan and Club Meets (updated October 2020)

Beginning October 2020 ASA published a revamped competition calendar for the balance of 2020.  The updated competition calendar is at this link and annual competition plan is at this link

United's Annual Meets Calendar

This will be updated following the 15 July 2020 commitee meeting

Please click on this link (updated 18 August 2020) to view the swim meets for the current season.  This includes both targeted and un-targeted swim meets.  Please note that the majority of the meet posters have not been loaded onto the ASA web site so details of the meet are still to be provided.

United's Targeted Meets

The United SC Meets Calendar refers to “targeted” and “un-targeted” meets.  Targeted meets are the swim meets that the coaches have determined that all eligible swimmers should enter and represent the club.  The coaches will be at the targeted meets.  If you are not entering a targeted meet that you are eligible for you need to discuss this with your coach. 

Un-targeted meets will also be listed on the Meets Calendar.  ASA has a rule that, for health & safety reasons during warm-ups, swimmers must have a coach present.  Therefore, if the meet is not targeted for any United squads then there will not be a United coach at the meet so United swimmers will not be able to enter the meet.  If the meet is un-targetted for your squad, but it is targeted for another United squad, then there will be a United coach at the meet, just not your squad's coach, so you may enter the meet but please let the coach know you will be attending.

For details on how to enter a meet refer to the Entering a Meet page on the website

Upcoming Meets 

All meet entries are expected to be through the SNZ MyPage and the cost of the entry will be shown on MyPage and will also show any applicable surcharges.  When using MyPage, on the meet details below the closing date for United entries will be shown as the same date as the closing date for the host club's poster.  The host club's poster will specify whether late entries will be permissable.

In the exceptional situation where MyPage is not available the entries are to b emade through the club using the Google form. In this case, please note that the closing date for completing the Google form is earlier than the closing date specified on the host club’s poster.  Also please remember to add the United SC levy of $1 per event to the entry fee and to have this total amount paid by internet banking before the United SC closing date for entries.  The internet bank account number is 03-0255-0206561-01

The details for upcoming meets are in the set out in the tables below. 

Div II

Where: Moana Pool Dunedin

When: Sunday 09 May 2021

Eligibility: Qualifying time required

United SC entry closing date: Tuesday 13 April 2021

Course: Short Course

United meet type: Targeted

Meet Eligibility Report: Not yet available

Meet Poster: Click Here

Meet entry report:  Not yet available

Psych Sheets:  Not yet available

Parent Roster: Not yet available

Timeline: Click Here

Other Information: Click Here

Use SNZ MyPage to enter. Entry cost on MyPage

Schedule under other information and qualifying times under timeline