When we represent United it is important that we do so in accordance with our standards and values.  This includes both how we conduct ourselves and how we wear the United uniform when we are travelling as a team and when we are representing our club at swim meets.


Our uniform protocols are intended to reflect the “united” team spirit and the high performance and professional attitude of our club.  These protocols apply to all team travel and all competitive swim meets and are required to be followed by all members.

  1. Only United approved uniform is be worn (no “mix and matching”).

  2. In the event that you do not have a United approved item, then the only permitted alternative is the same item in plain black.

  3. All items should be in a tidy, clean and presentable state.

  4. The requirements for the different situations are as follows:

Team Travel

National and Regional Meets

Other Meets (eg Level 1,2,3 meets):

Medal Podium

Uniform Items


 Optional Uniform Items


The majority of the uniform items are either in stock or can be sourced on relatively short notice (approximately 2-4 weeks). When a member joins United they need to purchase the minimum requirements; being a United swim cap, United shorts and a United t-shirt.  The additional items can be ordered by clicking here.  If you have any queries regarding ordering please contact Uniforms 

Second-hand sale of uniform and swimming equipment

United facilitates the on-line sale and purchase of second-hand uniform and swimming equipment (eg racing togs, flippers etc) by putting buyers and sellers in contact with each other through a google doc.  The club does not take any margin from these sales and does not represent or warrant the condition of any of the items – that is between the two parties.

The steps are as follows:  

  1. Selling: If you have an item that you would like to offer for sale then please add the information in the google doc at this link   Buyers will then be able to see this item advertised as per step 2 below.  Once you have sold your item, please contact Henriette Smeets on email at this link and she will delete your item from the google doc

  2. Buying: You can review what items are available for purchase by viewing this link  If you are interested in an item then please contact the seller to discuss and make arrangements for payment and delivery.  The seller’s contact details are listed next to the item for sale

  3. Withdrawing an item:  If you have listed an item but subsequently decide to withdraw it, then please contact Henriette Smeets on email at this link and she will delete your item

If you have any questions, then please also contact Henriette Smeets on email at this link