Meet Protocols

Competition meet protocols

Competition meets are typically very busy events. They require efficient organisation and communication by swimmers, coaches, parents, managers and officials to ensure they run smoothly and swimmers have the opportunity to perform to their best. 

In addition to any rules to a specific competition, United has the following competition meet protocols:

  1. It is the member’s responsibility to understand what competition and events to enter and to get entries in by the closing date.  While the club will often publish reminders, members should not rely on receiving these

  2. United has a “targeted” and “untargeted” meets policy. For specified targeted meets, all eligible swimmers are expected to enter these meets.  This is outlined in this link

  3. The club understands that swimmers may also undertake activities other than competitive swimming but expects all eligible swimmers to prioritise supporting “Team United” and their United teammates by representing United at all national level meets.  Please take this into consideration when committing to other activities and as a courtesy please advise your other activities of this expectation and dates of the national meets

  4. If you would like to enter an “un-targeted” meet, then before entering please discuss this with your coach and with the club handicapper as you may not be permitted to enter without a club coach present.  Also, your parent/guardian may be required to assist at the meet and the club handicapper will need to arrange this for them.  Please refer to this link

  5. Follow the club uniform protocols at meets

  6. Arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes before the scheduled warm-up time starts.  If you are going to be late then please txt both your coach and the United manager for that session 

  7. If you have entered the meet but have subsequently decided not to attend, then please advise the coach and manager as soon as you make the decision not to attend

  8. It is the swimmer’s responsibility to be ready for their race and to go to marshalling at the appropriate time so look at the program and follow where the meet is up to.  The manager should advise you when to leave for marshalling but do not rely solely on this

  9. Listen carefully to the Manager’s instructions and follow them promptly without having to be asked again

  10. If you are in the team’s seating area, do not block other people’s view of the races, especially the coaches and managers

  11. Make sure you organise yourself to have plenty of time to have your pre-race discussion with the coach and wait your turn if they are talking to another swimmer

  12. Be ready – have your race equipment ready and also know your heat and lane number.  For self-marshalling make sure you tick off your name with the timekeeper to ensure you are in the correct heat and lane

  13. When a race is about to start, please be quiet and do not walk past the starting area 

  14. Use the facilities and warm down pool with due care

  15. If you are leaving the team seated area, please advise the manager

  16. Before you scratch an event or final, please discuss and agree this with your coach and advise your parent/guardian

  17. It is the swimmer’s responsibility to understand the meet requirements for scratching a race and finals (where applicable) and to advise the meet manager appropriately.  Please note the following:

  1. Check the finals list for Auckland, regional or national meets to see whether you are in the final BEFORE you depart the venue

  2. Swimmers are expected to stay at the session to support other team mates.  If you want to leave before that time, then please discuss this with your coach – if they agree, then please advise the manager that you are leaving

  3. Keep the team area tidy and pick up all rubbish before you leave.  Also, please assist in putting chairs away

  4. If you representing United at an away meet, then typically you will be required to sign a “swimmer contract” that has a number of specific rules and protocols for away meets  


Uniform protocols

When we represent United it is important that we do so in accordance with our standards and values.  This includes both how we conduct ourselves and how we wear the United uniform when we are travelling as a team and when we are representing our club at swim meets.  Please always follow the uniform protocols