Roskill L1 (22,23 Feb)

Roskill L1 (22,23 Feb)

Where: West Wave Henderson

When: Saturday 22 February 2020

Eligibility: Level 1

United SC entry closing date: Friday 14 February 2020

Course: Long Course

United meet type: Untargeted

Eligibility Report: Not yet available

Meet Poster: Click Here

Meet entry report:  Not yet available

Psych Sheets:  Not yet available

Parent Roster: Not yet available

Timeline: Not yet available

Other Information: Not yet available

Use SNZ MyPage to enter. Entry cost on MyPage

Please note: Only swimmers trying to qualify for NAGS are allowed to enter this meet. You are only allowed to enter those specific events, any other events will be scratched, no refund given. If in doubt email the handicapper