NAGs (17 April)

NAGs (17 April)

Where: Owen Glenn Pool

When: Tuesday 17 April 2018

Eligibility: Qualifying time required

United SC entry closing date: Tuesday 03 April 2018

Course: Long Course

United meet type: Targeted

Eligibility Report: Not yet available

Cost Per Event: $-- per event (this includes the United $1 levy)

Meet Poster: Click Here

Meet entry report:  Click Here

Psych Sheets:  Not yet available

Parent Roster: Click Here

Swimmers, who wish to enter 50m events, must have achieved a qualifying time in the 100m or 200m of the particular event and also achieved the published qualifying time for the 50m event. A swimmer that qualifies in the 200m IM event may enter one 50m event of their choice as long as they have achieved that 50m events qualifying time Entries on SNZ MyPage