KE Falconer Sports Fund

United Swimming Club is extremely grateful for the significant contribution Kirsten made to our club and we are honoured that Kirsten’s family have included young women athletes from United in the eligibility for grants from the KE Falconer Sports Fund.

Further details on The K E Falconer Sports Fund are outlined below.  The Fund will be considering applications from August 2016. 


To continue Kirsten’s legacy by providing financial support to high performing young women athletes at St Cuthbert’s College and United Swimming Club, to assist them in reaching their full potential on the national and international stage.


High school level athletes with funding needs that meet the following criteria:

Specific selection consideration will also be given to the following attributes of the individual applicant, in priority order as follows:

  1. Sporting potential and aspirations  

  2. Displays focus, self-motivation and determination as demonstrated by consistent, excellent results

  3. Potential for the financial support to make a difference to the athletes ability to take advantage of competition and training opportunities

  4. Displays qualities consistent with school or club values and those of a proud ambassador and role model for their sport

Application Process

The Fund Committee will co-ordinate with St Cuthbert’s College and United Swimming Club management to promote the fund and identify potential candidates.  Applicants will be required to complete an Application Form which will capture the essential background to any request for financial assistance and, if required, an interview.  Applications will be considered at a meeting of the Fund Committee at the end of each month and applicants will be notified as soon as practical following the meeting.   The intention of the Fund Committee is to allocate the funding equally between St Cuthbert’s College students and United Swimming Club members.  There will be no obligations for the Fund Committee to approve any applications if none meet the criteria.

Details of what is required to be submitted in your application is on the application form   Applications should be no longer than 2 pages and are to be emailed to the United Club President at this email for consideration by a sub-committee of the United committee and teh application will then be submitted to the KE Falconer Sports Fund with the sub-committee's recommendation.