Entering a Swim Meet

Swimming NZ requires all swimmers to enter competitive swim meets through the Swimming NZ "MyPage".  In the exceptional situation that a meet is not available on My Page, then please contact the Club Administrator.

Read the meet details on the meet poster

The first step is to read the meet poster.  This will give you the eligibility criteria, qualifying times if relevant, meet dates and location, closing dates for entries.  The meet poster is typically available of the host club's and region's web site.  For national and international meets the poster is on the Swimming NZ web site.  All Auckland based meets and national meets should be loaded on United SC website when the posters become available.  If the meet is not on the United web site then the meet details can typically be found on the relevant regional swimming website.

Set up your SNZ MyPage

To enter on the SNZ MyPage the swimmer needs to have registered on MyPage and have a login and password.  To do this follow the following steps.

Step 1: Contact our club administrator 

Email our club administrator with the following details for each swimmer that you want to register:

Swimmer Name                                                    

Email address   - provide the email that you prefer correspondence to be sent to                                                 

Initial password  - set this at whatever you want (e.g. Swimmer1) and our club secretary will enter it into the database.  When you login (Step 3)  you can change this to a new password                                        

User ID - SNZ suggest that you use your email for this but it can only be used once.  Therefore if you are registering more than one swimmer or as an official you will need to use an alternative User ID e.g. your initials

For qualified officials, please provide the same information, obviously excluding the “swimmer registration”.

Step 2:  Our club administrator will set up your User ID and Initial password 

Step 3: Login to the Members MyPage

The SNZ Members MyPage is on the homepage of the SNZ web site at www.swimmingnz.org.nz

Click on the Members MyPage box and then login to the Members MyPage using the User ID and Initial password that you provided to our club administrator in Step 1

Step 4: Update your details

When you successfully login you can update your personal details and change your password.  Work through each component of the MyPortal as you will need to enter your preferred contact details including postal address, phone numbers and email addresses.  You can also limit the types of communications you receive from SNZ under “Communications”. You can also look at your previous results on this portal.

Step 5: Enter Meets on MyPage

You will see on the MyPage Home Page the tab “Upcoming Meets” and this is how you enter meets using the SNZ Database.  When entering on MyPage payment is required to made at the time using a debit or credit card.  In the exceptional situation where you can not use MyPage to enter, entries will need to be through the United Google form as set out below.

Check entries

It is the swimmer’s responsibility to check that their entries have been made correctly.  If using the SNZ MyPage you can check the entires on MyPage. If entires are made on the Goggle form then this can be done by checking the meet entry report on the United SC website which will be uploaded after the United SC closing date for entries but before final entries are due to the hosting club.  

Other important information

Parent volunteers

Most swim meets are managed and officiated (time keeping, IOTs, administration room) on a voluntary basis and require the clubs to make a number of parent volunteers available for each meet.  When your swimmer is entered for the swim meet teh parent, guardian and/or caregiver is agreeing that they will be available to assist with managing or officiating at the meet if required by United.  If parent, guardian and/or caregiver is not available to attend to assist then it is their responsibility to find a replacement to do their allocated duty otherwise their swimmer may not be permitted to attend the meet.  If a parent, guardian and/or caregiver is rostered on to assist at a meet and they do not attend or find a replacement to do their duty, they may receive a fine from the club and may be required to do an additional duty before their swimmer is permitted to attend any further meets.

Meet protocols

The club has meet protocols that swimmers and supporters are expected to follow at meets.  These include conduct at meets, uniform requirements, procedures for withdrawals/scratchinsg the and Manager’s duties.  Please make sure that both you and your swimmer understand and adhere to these Meet Protocols.


If you have any queries please either contact your squad manager or email the United Administrator