January 2016 Camps


Please read and respond if you are interested in attending the January 2016 Camps

We are currently planning the summer training camps for January 2016 and need your response on whether you are interested in attending.  This will enable us to confirm numbers and the finalise details. 

The club considers the summer training camps to be a valuable experience for our swimmers, including preparing swimmers for the upcoming meets and also the opportunity to build camaraderie and the experiences of travelling and being away from home.  Accordingly we will endeavour to accommodate as many swimmers as possible but attendance can be limited by available pool space and accommodation.

We are planning two different camps in January 2016:

  1. 7-10 day NZ based camp that will be available to all competitive swimmers that meet the minimum training standards; and

  2. 2 week Queensland based camp for senior swimmers targeting NAGS and NZ Opens who meet selection criteria.

The Camp page (under Members) provides you with an update on the status and details of each camp and requests that you respond by Friday 17 April 2015 to the email address specified for each camp.  We will not be chasing up swimmers who do not respond so a “no response” will be interpreted as the swimmer will not be attending.