Training Timetable June


The training timetable for the first two weeks of June are posted below

We have been advised that the maintenance of the heating system at EGGS is progressing but that it it will not be operational this coming week (week beginning June 1) and the best estimate is towards the end of the following week (week beginning June 8).  The new heating elemnets are due to arrive this week and once they have been installed then the water neeeds to be brought up to the required temperature - and this can take up to five days.  We will update you again when teh heating elemenst arrive as that will give us a better estimate of the opening date for the pool.

We have been fortunate that we have been able to get some additional and earlier times at Swimtastic so we have updated the timetable for this week and have also provided one for the following week - they are the same except for Monday due to Queen's birthday.  If the EGGs' pools open before the end of next week we will provide an updated timetable.

The timetables for: 

- the week beginning 1st June is at this link

- the week beginning 8th June is at this link