Easter and April School Holidays


Training over the Easter period and April school holidays is summarised below



There will be no training over the Easter period from and including Easter Friday through to Easter Monday - so training starts back on Tuesday 14th April.  Except for NAGS swimmers - see below

First week of April holidays

There will be training from Tuesday 14th April through to Saturday 18th April.  Squads will be combined as a number of swimmers will be at NAGS and a detailed timetable will be provided in the next week

Second week of April holidays

There will be no training for any squads - so a club wide break - except for swimmers going to DIV II.  The training times for DIV II will be provided when we have confirmation of numbers attending, but will be at Newmarket.

ANZAC is observed on Monday 27th April so the normal training schedule will start back on Tuesday 28th April

NAGS Swimmers

The complete the preparation for NAGS the coaches would like to NAGS swimmers to train over Easter.  Subject to getting confirmation from EGGS to use the pool on teh public holidays the proposed timetable is:

Easter Friday: EGGS  Seniors 7-8am, Gold 8-9am

Saturday 11th April: EGGS  Seniors 7-8am, Gold 8-9am

Easter Monday: EGGS  Seniors 7-8am, Gold 8-9am and Seniors 4-5pm, Gold 5-6pm

NAGS swimmers will have the same club break over teh second week of teh April school holidays plus part of teh following week, so starting back Thursday 30th April

A further post with the timetable for all squads will be made when all times are confirmed