Xmas party - Wednesday


Come along to EGGS on Wednesday for some Xmas festivities and fun!

Hi everyone

Christmas and the end of training for this year are fast approaching, so we would love everyone to come along to an end of year Xmas Party at EGGS Pool on Wednesday 12 December.  

All details are attached, and we would love as many swimmers as possible to come along (parents of course welcome too).

There will be some fun relays and there will be different sorts of food / drinks available to buy for either $1 or $2, so bring your coins.

Could you please rsvp to unitedmeetentries@gmail.com so we can get an idea of numbers for the relays and for catering.


We also need quite a few parents to help with this event as well, so if you are able to help (more the merrier) please can you contact Nanette@mit.co.nz or 021639649 



Details on this poster