Helping Nicky Bason


Nicky Bason, the mother of Georgia - who swam in our Gold squad - is fighting myeloma cancer.

The treatments available to Nicky in New Zealand  have not been successful.  However, there is hope with a new treatment that is being clinically trialled outside of New Zealand.  A group of Nicky’s friends are fund raising to help Nicky’s family with the cost of accessing this potentially life saving treatment.

If you would like to find out more about Nicky’s fight and how you can help by making a donation, then please click on the following link on facebook:

You can also donate directly by depositing into the following Westpac account

NB Fundraiser


Nicky and her family are very grateful for your support and any help you can provide.  Please share this with your friends as every contribution will make a difference. Thank you to the United family!