Updated NAGS event booklet


SNZ has updated the event booklet for NAGs

Please see the attached note from SNZ regarding updates to the event booklet for NAGs

Attention All SNZ Regions; SNZ Clubs

There have been updates to the event booklet for the 2017 NZ Age Group Championships. The updates are as follows:

  1. Clarification around how the 50m events will be run. All 50m events will have a single final with all age groups eligible. There are not individual age group finals in any 50m event. This format change was a part of the Competition Review in 2016.
  2. The above clarification has meant an update of the schedule of events.
  3. Also Clarification surrounding how medals will be presented for the “Youth” Category.

The updated event booklet can be found on the 2017 NZ Age Group Championship event page.

Kind Regards

Keegan McCauley