Club Protocols

Protocols - Gear Bag and Gear Room

Having the correct training gear enables you to get the most out of your training sessions.  It also facilitates the efficient and effective use of the lane space.  For example, if the coaches are doing training sets that require flippers, it is disruptive to the rest of the swimmers in the lane if a swimmer does not have flippers and cannot complete the same set. 

The club also built and has the use of a storage “cage” in the gear room at the pool at Epsom Girls Grammar School (EGGS).  This houses the dry land equipment and has specially made hooks to store a number of swimmers’ gear bags.  This means a number of swimmers can keep their gear bags at the pool rather than taking them home after each session.

There are protocols that all swimmers are required to follow regarding both gear bags and use of the gear room.  These are based on common sense and normal standards of behaviour and courtesy:

  1. All swimmers must have the required training gear at each session and have it in a mesh gear bag

  2. The required items for all squads are a kick board, flippers, paddles and pull buoy. The bronze, silver, gold, platinum amd platinum extra squads are also required to have a front mounted snorkel

  3. Your gear bag and all individual items must be clearly named with a waterproof pen.If you are naming dark items, such as paddles, then use a colour other than black, such as silver or white

  4. Respect the property of others. Under no circumstances is a swimmer to take or ”borrow” equipment from another gear bag

  5. The club has some spare gear (eg kick boards) that may be available if you are without your gear but you are to ask the coaches before taking it.If you are allowed to use it, then please return it after the session to where it is stored and put it back tidily

  6. The coaches will lock the storage cage before they leave the pool so if you are permitted to store your gear bag at the pool, then immediately after your session finishes hang your gear bag up one of the hooks provided in the storage cage.Do not leave it on the floor or on the shelves as the shelves are for the storage of other equipment

  7. Take care not to knock other gear bags off hooks when you are hanging your bag.If you see a gear bag on the floor then pick it up and hang it on a hook, even if it is not your bag

  8. If there are no spare hooks then take your gear bag home with you

  9. Swimmers who do not have the correct training gear at the training session may not be permitted to train if it is going to disrupt the session, and in that case, will have to sit the session out

  10. If your gear bag is not hung up correctly, then in the future you may not be able to leave it at the storage cage and you will need to take it home with you