Away Meets and Camps

International Meets and Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for international meets is at this link on the SNZ web site


Planning is underway for the January 2021 training camps is underway and information will be provided as soon as it is available


The club's policy for away meets and camps is that all costs are divided among the swimmers that make a commitment and/or a payment to attend the away meet or camp.  All funds paid towards the away meet or camp should be considered to be non-refundable unless any particular deposit or payment is specified to be refundable.  Where a swimmer withdraws their commitment to attend an away meet or a camp, the club will use best endeavours to obtain a refund from the providers it has made commitments and/or payments to and any refund will only be to the extent that this does not increase the cost to other swimmers attending.  Where a swimmer withdraws from an away meet or camp, the club will deduct an administration fee of $75 from any refund, unless the swimmer provides a medical certificate for the withdrawal or the Committee determines that there are exceptional circumstances.